Pro-Gro 365

Pro-Gro 365™

Multi-Purpose Fertilizer

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  • One Application Lasts ALL YEAR
  • Powered by BioLife Complex™
  • 10X MORE Mycorrhizae
  • 10X MORE Beneficial Bacteria
  • For Lawns, Trees, Shrubs, Flowers & Veggies
  • Softens Hard Soil & Heavy Clay

1,500sqft bag $39.99 MSRP
7,000sqft bag $129.99 MSRP
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Your landscape is hungry! Pro-Gro 365™ supports healthy and sustainable growth by recharging the soil with trace elements, beneficial microbes (Our Heroes!), and controlled-release nutrients that feed your landscape for one full year.

No burning. No additional applications needed. The advanced slow-release fertilizer along with concentrated active ingredients work fast by recharging the soil for one year’s worth of lush healthy growth. Pro-Gro 365™ not only feeds for a long time, but also feeds at the right time. This Multi-Purpose fertilizer is specially designed to continuously release the right amount of nutrients so your landscape stays well fed year round. More food when your plants have a big appetite in Spring through Summer and less food when plants aren’t as hungry in Fall & Winter. This means plants are using the fertilizer instead of it leaching down or running off into groundwater, lakes and streams making this one of the most environmentally safe fertilizers on the market. Bottom line: One application of Pro-Gro 365™ recharges your landscape with the nutrition it needs to be healthy and thrive for an entire year.

Ideal For:

This Multi-Purpose fertilizer blend feeds everything in the yard from lawns to trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Providing continuous fertilization for 12 months with just one application, Pro-Gro 365™ works all year so you don’t have to!
Established Lawns:Pro-Gro 365™ continuously feeds all year to help you maintain the best looking lawn on the block. This means your lawn will grow at a healthy and sustainable rate all year long. Too much fertilizer may cause excessive growth, clippings or burn. Too little fertilizer causes yellowing and die out. Pro-Gro 365™ provides the perfect amount of fertilizer with only one application per year.
Established Garden Beds: Pro-Gro 365™ provides an even maintenance-level of nutrients all year long for trees, shrubs, fruit & vegetables too! With just one application per year, your entire landscape will receive the perfect amount of nutrients to maintain healthy growth all year long.

Getting Results:

Let the pictures speak for themselves!
Take a look at some of the amazing results many people have experienced with Pro-Gro 365™ Soil Treatment.


How It Works:

Want to know more? Dig deeper into how Pro-Gro 365™ really works by visiting our Learning Center.

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Good stuff

Lasts all year!

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If youre a skeptic - don't be. This stuff really does last all year. 5 stars for working as advertized.

12 Months of fertilizer? Yes Please!

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I'm forgettful when it comes to feeding my lawn and plants. I usually feed at the beginning of spring, but after that i'm either too busy or i forget. This fertilizer lasts 12 months so I never have to remember to fertilize more than once per year. Love it!

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