Success Stories

A few words from our clients

Landscape Professionals like you rely on Treat it! Feed it! products to deliver easy sustainable landscapes. They have discovered the clear advantage of using Treat it! Feed it! products not only with higher performance, lower expenses, and ease of use. These industry professionals have had such a great experience with our team and line of products, they have felt compelled to let us know how they feel. We have posted their letters, comments and pictures below for you to read and know only to expect the best with Treat it! Feed it! products. When your reputation is on the line, you can rely on us. These professionals did:

Green As It Gets

I want to thank you for your recommendation of TurfMax & GardenMax soil treatments. I have to be honest, when you were telling me how great these products were and what they could do, I thought it was just another sales pitch. But after using them to treat some of the worst soil I've ever worked with, in just 4 to 6 weeks, I began to see amazing results. Our nasty compacted soil began to drain and our trees and shrubs began to push new foliage as if I were fertilizing them every week! Thanks again for the great product.

Green As It Gets

During the first year of operating the District's largest sports complex (55 acres, 10 FIFA Soccer Fields), it became obvious that the planned turf maintenance program was inadequate to maintain a vigorous stand of turf. In
each application, TurfMax provided deeper color, better cold and wear resistance, and increased turf density. I would strongly recommend this product. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Green As It Gets
I applied TurfMax and Ground Breaker soil treatments to spot?treat two acres worth of problem areas in our fairways and a test plot on a practice green. Within three weeks of application, all the issues with compaction, hydrophobic soil, turf density and water runoff had been solved. In a test plot on a practice green with about 20% bentgrass coverage, I was blown away that within only two weeks, the green had filled in to about 95% coverage! I have had nothing but positive results with the soil treatments TurfMax and Ground Breaker from Green As It Gets and would personally recommend them to anyone with problem areas in their turf or for those who want the absolute best turf quality possible.

Green As It Gets

We chose a very difficult site that was an extremely stressed and non-performing property at Stetson Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA. Within just 2?4 weeks of applying the Green As It Gets soil treatments (GardenMax, TurfMax, PenMax Plus), there was a distinct improvement to turf quality and plant growth. The turf was greener and healthier without excessive grwoth and the struggling gazanias, alyssum and verbenas on the steep slope were bigger, healthier, and actually blooming! There is no doubt that it was the soil treatments that made the difference. There is a sharp line on our hill separating the lush growth of the treated area and the arid and still struggling plants of the untreated area.

The project was reviewed again several months later and the difference between treated and non?treated landscape is still dramatic. Water runoff has been virtually eliminated. Soil structure has changed from our sticky clay to a nice crumbly soil. The soil treatments did EVERYTHING Green As It Gets said they would do. I would personally like to recommend the Green As It Gets soil treatments for significant soil remediation without the time and costs associated with soil and plant replacement.

Green As It Gets

I want to acknowledge the observations that we are seeing since using TurfMax soil treatment on a public commercial area. The turf is surrounded on all sides by busy retail shops and the shop patrons create constant turf traffic. We are very pleased with the results that we are seeing. This seems to be a healthy solution to an on-going problematic situation. I am also very impressed with the other situations that I have seen both TurfMax and GardenMax at work. Just very excellent soil conditions, thank you for these efficient products. I look forward to continued use and monitoring of these products. I do not hesitate to recommend the use of Green As It Gets products to my clientele.