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Green As It Gets™ provides organic soil treatments, planting mixes & fertilizers! Turn the places you love into places plants love to grow!

We’re glad you found us, because we’re here for you. Our passion drives us to create the best soil treatments, planting mixes and fertilizers for your home and business. We are here to help you turn the places you love into the places plants love to grow!

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GardenMAX - Soil Treatment For Gardens

Artisan Organics™ Fruit & Veggie Planting Mix by Green As It Gets™ is Your Ultimate Solution for Organic Gardening!

Ground Breaker - Soil Penetrant For Lawns & Gardens

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At Green As It Gets, we provide the best organic soil treatments, planting mixes and fertilizers! Artisan Organics™ Planting Mix for Fruit & Veggies is our latest 100% organic planting mix! Pro-Gro 365™ is our one-of-a-kind, year-long fertilizer! Explore our site to learn everything about turning the places you love into places plants love to grow!

WATCH THIS to see how Ground Breaker™ Busts up Hard, Dead Dirt & Compacted Clay Soil!

Ground Breaker™ by Green As It Gets™ is the secret weapon for loosening up hard dirt and compacted clay soil! Simply spray it on and let it soak in overnight! Roots from your grass, plants and trees will grow deeper once the stubborn hard dirt is loosened up! Plus, you’ll get better drainage and absorption as water seeps into the soil easier. Consequently, you’ll eliminate runoff on your lawn and in your garden & flowerbeds with Ground Breaker™!

Watch Mike Garcia from Enviroscape LA Interview Owner Eric about GardenMAX™ & Other Products!

Sustainability Expert Mike Garcia talks with Green as it Gets™ owner Eric to discuss GardenMAX™ and other organic planting mixes and fertilizer! These organic soil treatments and fertilizer are sweeping the nation with amazing garden and landscape results!

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