How often should I fertilize my lawn?

Before you can achieve that perfect lawn, you first need to understand the fertilizing basics. More specifically, you need to answer the question, “How often should I fertilize my lawn?

You’ll probably receive a lot of varying advice when it comes to fertilizing your lawn and garden, and that advice will likely include something about multiple feedings a year. And while this might be true in some cases, we have a simple way to avoid the hassle of fertilizing your lawn every few months. But before we get to that, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions about fertilizing.

Does it matter what type of grass you have?

Yes. Grass is typically separated into two categories: warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses. If you have warm-season grass — like Bermuda grass — then you’ll want to fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer. If you have cool-season grass — like Kentucky blue grass — then you’ll want to fertilize in the fall and again in early summer.

How often should you fertilize your grass?

Typically, you should only need to fertilize your grass an average of two times a year (and avoid over-fertilization).

However, this all depends on the type of fertilizer you use (some last longer than others). So the key here is to decide how often you’re able to fertilize and then pick a product based on that. But if you’re like the average homeowner, then you’ll probably want to fertilize as little as possible, which means you’ll need to choose a long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer.

Pro Tip: A longer lasting fertilizer is typically healthier for your lawn since it requires fewer applications.

Does it matter what time of day you fertilize your grass?

Time of day doesn’t matter. But what does matter is the temperature. If it’s above 90 degrees, then avoid fertilizing. This is because you could burn your lawn — the hotter it is outside, the faster things will move through the soil.

What’s the best type of fertilizer to use?

Not all fertilizers are created equal, and you can learn more about that by reading our quick guide to fertilizers. But in a nutshell, you want a fertilizer that’s good for your soil and your busy schedule. In other words, you need a fertilizer that doesn’t need to be applied multiple times a year.

Luckily for you, we have a product that satisfies both needs.

Here at Green As It Gets, we’ve developed a multi-purpose fertilizer, known as Pro-Gro 365. This innovative fertilizer contains organic ingredients and keeps on feeding your soil for up to 12 months. That’s right — with Pro-Gro 365, you get the best of both worlds, and you’ll never again have to ask the question, “How often should you fertilize your grass?” Pro-Gro 365 answers that question with one simple feeding. What’s better than that?

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