How to fix a muddy lawn: 3 clean fixes

If your lawn is looking a little wet these days, then you might be asking yourself, “How do I fix a muddy lawn?” A muddy lawn isn’t ideal for entertaining (or for our furry friends), and it can even lead to fungus and disease. In other words, it’s best to fix a muddy lawn as soon as possible.

Luckily for you, there are a handful of ways to fix a muddy lawn. Let’s go over a few of those ways now.

Core Aeration

When people are faced with the question, “How do I fix a muddy lawn?” many immediately jump to core aeration. This is because it’s a “quick fix” to a dirty problem. Simply put, core aeration is the process of poking holes in your lawn and removing ¾” wide by 2” long soil cores. This should help alleviate some of that compaction and allow water to drain more efficiently.

However, it’s important to note here that a few holes in your lawn may not be able to reduce compacted soil deep down. Because of this, you might find yourself with a muddy lawn once again in the near future.


There’s always the option to install drainage (most people opt for a French drain). However, this typically involves a lot of time, digging, and expense (which most people won’t opt for).

But if this is the route you decide to go, drainage will certainly fix your muddy lawn. The added perforated pipes will let water drain quickly from your lawn, allowing you to bypass a muddy lawn in the process.

Ground Breaker

Another method you can use to fix muddy soil is Ground Breaker. Ground Breaker is a soil penetrant that works fast to reduce the presence of hard soil, increase drainage, and eliminate runoff. It stamps out compaction and opens up pores, giving your ground the ability to avoid puddles and drain water.

Ground Breaker is easy to apply and works overnight. It reduces both physical and chemical compaction and can even reduce compaction as deep as six feet.

Final Thoughts

A muddy lawn isn’t fun to deal with, but it’s certainly something that can be fixed rather easily with the right tools. So if you find yourself asking the question, “How do I fix a muddy lawn?”, know that you have a few options to choose from.

You can install drainage, core aerate your lawn, or apply Ground Breaker (a fast-working soil penetrant from Green As It Gets).

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