Plant Containers & Raised Beds for Gardening: How to Fix Them

Are you wondering how to fix plant containers and raised garden beds? Here’s a guide to get them and the soil ready for next season.

As winter comes to an end, it’s time to start revamping your raised garden beds and plant containers for the next season. This simple step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

 Pots & Raised Beds Step 1: Remove the Dead Growth

First, remove all the dead plants and matter so you can make room for new growth. Clear out any dead leaves and cut back any dead growth. The idea is to make your container fresh and to make room for new plants.

Pro Tip: Don’t Remove the New Growth

As you’re removing the dead growth from your raised garden bed or plant container, be careful not to remove any new growth. Work around these new beginnings, so they can keep growing into the next season.

 Step 2: Recharge Your Soil with Remix™ 

When you’re finished removing the dead matter from your container, it’s time to add Remix™ by Green As It Gets™. Break up the soil using your hands and then add in Remix. This is the perfect pre-plant soil boost for the job! With over 50 ingredients, Remix will stimulate roots, add beneficial microbes, and correct any existing pH imbalances.

Step 3: Plant Your Plants

Now for the fun part. Once you have added Remix™ to your container or raised bed, then you can add your new plants! You can use your hand to gently dig up small holes. Afterward, place your plants into the hole and move the boosted soil mixture around the plant.

Pots & Raised Beds Step 4: Water!

The last step in this process is to water your revamped plant container or raised garden bed. For the initial watering, be sure you completely soak your new plants to help the roots get nicely established.

Final Thoughts

This step-by-step guide is for plant containers or raised garden beds that are simply being revamped, but if you’re thinking about completely redoing your container, check out this article that answers the question, “What Should You Put in a Plant Container?

Follow this guide and your container or raised garden bed will be ready to transition from winter to spring! When summer rolls around, your container or raised garden bed will be ready to embrace summer plants.

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