Beneficial bacteria living in soil and around plants & animals are essential for good health. In the case you’d like to learn more, read on from Green As It Gets™!

Definition of Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria are tiny organisms that grow by fission or by forming spores. This means they can practically live anywhere and in all kinds of environments such as soil, hot springs, radioactive waste, and even in the bodies of other organisms. While some bacteria are bad and cause illness and disease, there are far more good strains of bacteria that are harmless and have positive effects. In fact, the world needs beneficial bacteria to fight against all the threatening and bad strains out there! Consequently, plants, animals and humans couldn’t survive without beneficial bacteria! GO HERE if you want to read more about this “friendly bacteria” from Ohio State University.

Good Bacteria… GOOD Bacteria!

Just like the probiotics in your gut (acidophilus, bifidobacterium, etc.), soil also needs beneficial bacteria to support and promote healthy plant growth. In other words, healthy soil produces healthy plants! Subsequently, healthy plants produce healthy animals and people! Treat your soil well so you can eat well and be well! Grow all your fruits & veggies with organic planting mixes from Green As It Gets™ in order to get the highest nutritional value. Use Artisan Organics™ Planting Mix for Fruit & Veggies in-ground, or use Remix™ for pots and raised beds. When you plant with these organic mixes, then you’ll ensure your soil is thriving with beneficial bacteria! Do this, and you will get the most nutritional value in all your edibles! GO HERE to Watch a Video about Bacteria In Soil and the Microbiome!

Points to Remember about Beneficial Bacteria

  • Bacteria are very small organisms.
  • Most bacteria does NOT cause disease.
  • People & plants need this bacteria in order to stay healthy.

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