Mycorrhizae (“fungus root”) form a symbiotic or beneficial association with the roots of plants. Read more from Green As It Gets™!

Definition of Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhiza is a type of root fungus named specifically from the Greek words mykós meaning “fungus,” and riza meaning “root.” This association is symbiotic because the relationship is great for both organisms. For that reason, plants gain increased access to water and nutrients in the rhizosphere (surrounding soil). The mycorrhizae use the excess carbon from the plant as a food source, hence the mutual benefits between root and fungi. If you want to learn more about mycorrhizae, then GO HERE to read a great article from Texas A&M University.

It’s important for mycorrhizae to flourish in order for plants and trees to grow in many ecosystems. In fact, at least 80% of all land plant species have mycorrhizae. Therefore, these bonds are the most common symbionts in the plant kingdom. As has been noted, plants & trees depend on it for survival. To put it differently, the relationship between fungi and plants involve about 6,000 species of fungi and 240,000 different species of plants!

Practice and Experience Are the Best Teachers!

If you really want to learn about mycorrhizae and how it develops, then you need to observe! Indeed, the best way to learn is with hands-on practice in your own garden and flowerbeds. The next time you’re transplanting from a container, be sure to take a look at all the super-fine white roots throughout the soil. That’s mycorrhizae!

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Points to Remember about Mycorrhizae

  • 95% of all plants form symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizae
  • The mycorrhizal relationship benefits BOTH the plant and mycorrhizal fungi
  • Increase the surface absorbing area of roots 100-1,000X

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Key Benefits of Mycorrhizae from Green As It Gets™

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