The planting depth of trees, shrubs and flowers are an important factor for healthy rooting and growth. Learn more here from Green As It Gets™!

Definition of Planting Depth

Planting depth refers to how low you place a tree into the ground relative to its root ball or root flare. Indeed, when you plant trees, shrubs and flowers it’s important not to go too deep!

The planting depth is important, because trees placed too deep or too shallow shorten the tree’s life expectancy. What’s more, trees have roots that grow horizontally, and 80 percent of the tree’s roots are in the top 18-24 inches of soil. So, the general rule of thumb for proper planting depth is to dig the hole two to three times as wide as and no deeper than the bottom of the root ball to the trunk flare. In other words, always remember that the flare of the tree should be at or slightly above the soil grade. In case you would like to read more details, GO HERE for a great article from Clemson University.

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Points to Remember about Planting Depth

  • Planting too deep is a very common practice that can lead to deadly consequences.
  • 75% of trees in your local nursery are threatened on account of being planted too deep in the container (Maynard 1995).
  • As much as 93% of trees are planted too deep by professionals (Smiley and Booth 2000)!

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The planting depth at which plants and trees are planted in the soil relative to the root ball or root flare is critical!

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