Soil Compaction occurs from heavy clay and heavy traffic, which makes it hard for soil to absorb water. Read more below rom Green As It Gets™.

Definition of Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is the condition when soil particles have been packed tightly together, thus forcing air out from the pores in the soil grains.

So many of us have experienced trying to garden and plant in rock-hard dirt! Consequently, how much time have you spent trying to break up compacted clay soil or rock-hard dirt around your own home? As mentioned above, compaction is the result of heavy machinery, people or animal traffic. Because of this, affected soils become less able to absorb water from rain or irrigation, thus increasing runoff and erosion. In order to better understand soil compaction, GO HERE to read a great article from Wikipedia.

There Are Solutions to Soil Compaction!

The good news is there are solutions to battle compacted soil! First, start with a good formula that will soak into the soil and begin loosening the dead dirt. Next, make sure you amend that dead dirt which is likely starved of nutrition and air. If you want the best then try GardenMAX™ and TurfMAX™ to amend your garden soil or lawns after loosening the compacted soil. Finally, water your garden soil or lawn well for the first two to three weeks in order for all the nutrients to soak into the newly loosened soil. Most importantly, if you do it right you could ultimately use 40% less water than you have in the past! This means saving water and money in addition to finally getting great results in your garden and lawn!

One last thing: When your soil is treated properly to receive the best nutrition, then your fruits and veggies will grow better and taste better! In other words, giving your soil the proper attention and love is a win, win, win situation! Happy Gardening, from Green As It Gets™!

Points to Remember

  • Soil compaction allows for little to no air which is necessary for roots to thrive and plants to grow.
  • Water runoff and poor plant growth are common results of soil compaction.
  • Any type of soil from clay to sand can become compacted.

Bust Up Hard, Compacted Dirt!

Want to know how to break up soil compaction? Use Ground Breaker™ to loosen compacted soil so you can bring the dead dirt back to life! Check out this amazing video about Ground Breaker!

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Soil Compaction occurs from heavy clay and heavy traffic, which makes it hard for soil to absorb water. Read more from Green As It Gets™

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