Watering for your garden, flowerbeds and lawns is an important topic for the health of your landscape! Read more from Green As It Gets™

Although some might think watering for gardens, lawns and landscapes is not really worth writing about, it actually is! Besides having the correct pH levels and nutrients in your soil, watering is probably one of the most common issues when “gardeners” are having trouble with their plants, trees and lawns.

Plan Your Watering Methods!

Proper watering is an important topic for the health of your garden and landscape but can also be one of the more challenging topics. When it comes to hydrating your plants and trees, there are some important things to consider. Whether you plan to use a sprinkler system, a soaker system, or watering by hand, there are a few things to consider. First, think about how to best get the water into the root zones of your plants. Considering how to best hydrate the roots of your plants, rather than sprinkling your plants or lawn only for a lot of the water to run off or evaporate. This is especially important to think about in hot climates or if you have compacted clay soil.

Watering Is Expensive!

Most gardeners and farmers already realize that water is getting expensive. According to an article from ABC News, Americans this year will pay an average of $104 per month in water bills, up more than 30% in less than a decade. Accordingly, it’s also predicted that the costs of water will continue to rise. What does this mean for gardeners and farmers? Consequently, it’s becoming a challenge to maintain the necessary watering for lush, green landscapes and bountiful gardens.

Treat Your Soil & Be Good To Your Pocket!

As a result of this growing challenge, Green As It Gets™ has developed an amazing product that delivers great results! We’re actually referring to two sperate yet similar products. First, you need to try GardenMAX™ for the soil in your gardens and flowerbeds. Second, we recommend you use TurfMAX™ for your lawns and natural turf. We recommend using these products because both of them support the loosening of compacted dirt, better drainage and deeper rooting. Plus, they are loaded with beneficial bacteria, essential trace elements, slow-release fertilizers and lots of organic ingredients! Better drainage and deeper rooting is important because when both water and roots can go deeper into the ground, you ultimately need less hydration! Finally, there is one last thing worth mentioning about GardenMAX & TurfMAX. These products actually work into the soil and transform it by balancing the pH levels and adding billions of microbial nutrients! Tests have shown that these products from Green As It Gets have ultimately reduced the use of water in lawns and gardens by up to 40%!

Points to Remember

  • Proper watering is an important factor in gardening and landscaping.
  • Different plants need different amounts!
  • Plants talk! If the leaves of your plants are turning brown from the tip inward, it’s a sign they need more hydration.

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Tests have shown that these products from Green As It Gets have ultimately reduced the use of water in lawns and gardens by up to 40%!

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