Ground Breaker Soil Penetrant For Lawns & Gardens

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Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

Fast acting soil penetrant that softens hard soil, increases drainage & eliminates runoff overnight!

Ground Breaker targets and treats hard & compacted soil and is especially good at treating areas where puddles form, runoff occurs and heavy compaction exists in all soil including heavy clay, silt, sand and caliche.

Sizes Available
  • Quart Ready-To-Spray
  • Gallon Concentrate

Sprays On Top.
Goes Down Deep.

Hard soil makes life tough. Its hard to dig in and its hard for roots to grow in.

Ground Breaker is a heavy duty soil penetrant that opens up the pores of the soil making it softer, easier to dig, and easier for plants to grow. This unique dual-acting formula treats both types of compaction and does NOT contain alcohol. Other products only treat one type of compaction and contain alcohol (which kills soil life).

Contains organic yucca and organic kelp extract.

  • Softens Hard Soil
  • Softens Heavy Clay
  • Eliminates Runoff
  • Hydrates up to 6ft Deep
  • Stops Soggy Lawns
  • Makes Digging Easy


Dual-Acting Formula

In the soil, two types of compaction exist: physical compaction & chemical compaction. Ground Breaker is the only product with a dual-acting formula to treat both types. Physical compaction occurs when the little soil particles are packed tight together. When new homes are built, big tractors compact the ground really hard. Even walking, mowing, or kids and pets playing can pack the ground down. Soil particles get pushed so close together that air and water can't get in between them. Chemical compaction occurs when chemical bonds hold soil particles together. Think back to high school chemistry - down to tiny molecules. These little bonds hold on so tight that the ground gets super hard.

Works Fast!

I want to see results now!  ...that's what we told our head scientist. Lucky for us - he listened. Ground Breaker is fast acting. It goes to work immediately and will start showing results overnight! Expect to see a couple inches overnight and up to 6 feet deep over the next couple weeks.


Quart RTS

  1. Thoroughly water area to be treated. Shake container well.
  2. Attach ready-spray nozzle to water hose.
  3. Turn water on, turn dial to ON and spray entire landscape.
  4. Water-in immediately & rinse off any plants or flowers.

Gallon Concentrate:

  1. Thoroughly water area to be treated. Shake container well.
  2. Mix 2 oz. (4Tbsp.) per gallon of water in a garden sprayer to treat approx. 150 sqft. One gallon covers 10,000 sqft.
  3. Spray over entire landscape.
  4. Water-in immediately & rinse off any plants or flowers.

When To Apply

Apply any time of year after ground has thawed.


Ground Breaker Soil Penetrant for Lawns & Gardens lasts up to 6 months. For best results, apply every 6-8 weeks. Spot treat as needed.


Ground Breaker contains a blend of proprietary ingredients to soften hard soil.
  • Organic Yucca Extract
  • Organic Kelp Extract
  • Ion Exchange Agent
  • Wetting Agent (Lowers surface tension of water)
  • Calcium Boost


Ground Breaker works a couple different ways:
  • Lowers the surface tension of water. Normally, water has very high surface tension, meaning that it can't fit into small places. So, when the soil gets compacted, water can't slip through the small spaces in between the soil particles. Ground Breaker solves this by lowering the surface tension and allowing water to move into tight spaces.
  • Ion-Exchange Agent. Ground Breaker swaps out two sodium ions for one calcium ion. The two sodium ions dissolve in water and are flushed away. Now, after the two-for-one swap, open airspace is left over - making your soil soft again.


Everyone is Talking about it.

Expensive, but nothing else like it

Three stars on price / 10 stars on the product. I gave this product 4 stars because it is a bit pricey, but there is nothing else that can do what it does (believe me I looked). So, in the end, you get what you pay for. Great product. Would use more often if it was a little cheaper.

Softens hard soil really fast

Does what it says - softens really hard soil in no time.

Landscape Contractor

I wish You had more stars, I would give it a 10!!!! This stuff really works. It is the best product I have seen in over 30 years. Congrats.

Retired Horticulturist.

My new lawn looked great in the spring but as summer began and the temperatures soared my lawn began to look brown and dry. We are in an unprecedented fourth year of drought here in California and are limited to the water we use. I could not with a clear conscious just pour more and more water on the lawn. I became curious, I knew the lawn had proper nutrition so I figured possibly the sprinklers were not covering properly. I grabbed a set of coffee cups from the cupboard and set them out around the lawn and turned the sprinklers on. The result, the brown patches were getting as much water as the green ones. Now what? I noticed there was quite a bit of runoff as the sprinklers ran for a while. My son has a lawn core aerator so I thought that might help. It would not penetrate, even an inch into the brown spots, the green areas were not much better. With more than a passing knowledge of plants and landscapes I knew I had to do something to improve the water penetration. That’s when I was introduced to Ground Breaker. I applied the material and as promised the soil changed for me in less than a day. The aerator went into the soil as if it were soft butter. I even stuck a screw drive deep into the soil with ease. The lawn is beautiful, green and healthy, and it takes less water.

No more runoff

Makes the water soak into the soil so it doesnt runoff into the street. the ground is much softer now too

Great Product!

This is a great product. My local nursery recommended it to soften my hard soil. I see a huge difference. Hardest part = unscrewing the bottle from the hose. Thanks!

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