Grow Maker™ Fertilizer & Soil Enhancer

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Grow Maker™ Fertilizer & Soil Enhancer by Green As It Gets™ is Certified Organic and Perfect for Pots & Raised beds! Grow Like a Pro with all-natural Grow Maker!

Feed your plants with the best organic fertilizer & soil enhancer for the best growth in your garden! Grow Maker is 100% Organic and natural, and it is certified by the OMRI and the CDFA. Therefore it contains NO preservatives, NO synthetics, and NO artificial ingredients! Apply Grow Maker and have the healthiest, happiest plants!

Use Grow Maker™ Fertilizer & Soil Enhancer by Green As It Gets™

Grow like a pro! You need Grow Maker for big, beautiful, fast-growing plants! Use Grow Maker Organic Fertilizer (3-1.5-1.5) & Soil Enhancer by Green As It Gets for the best gardening experience! This complete formula of more than 50 perfectly proportioned ingredients boosts plants and enhances your soil with every application! Grow Maker is specifically designed for plants in pots & raised beds. And it is used for both indoor and outdoor growing! Grow Maker Fertilizer & Soil Enhancer focuses on the healthy development vigorous roots, stems & leaves. This is why you’ll want to apply it on top of your soil as soon as your plants are well-rooted and established. That’s it! Tend to your watering and let Grow Maker and let God’s light (or your full-spectrum bulbs 😉) do the rest!

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Would you like to know where to buy Grow Maker™ Fertilizer & Soil Enhancer by Green As It Gets™? GO HERE to see who sells it in your area. If you’re unable to find it with our locator, ask a manager at your favorite independent garden center to order it for you. Our products are available to all independent retailers/dealers via Central Garden Distribution in California. 😉

Sizes Available
  • 6lb. Pouch
  • 25lb. Bag
  • 2,000lb. Tote

Fertilizer Plus Soil Enhancer

Stimulate vigorous growth with a full-spectrum blend of organic superfoods! A plentiful array of nutrients is an important part to growing strong roots, stems & leaves. It makes all the difference whether your plants grow full-throttle or just sputter along.

Pot Topper Root & Grow supplies growth stimulants, beneficial microbes, macro & micro nutrients – for plants that look lush, green and healthy. Easy to use, gentle enough for kids & pets to play after use and safe for edibles. 50+ perfectly proportioned ingredients. Ideal for indoor & outdoor pots and raised beds. Use with planting mixes or coco-coir. Organic input material. OMRI Listed.

  • Organic & Natural
  • Easy To Use - Apply On Top!
  • Root & Veg Booster
  • Increases Yield, Taste & Aroma
  • BioLife Complex
  • Ideal For Indoor & Outdoor Gardening

GAIG Grow Maker


Fertilizer PLUS Soil Enhancer

It's a fact: plants in pots or raised beds require BOTH a robust fertilizer AND healthy soil to thrive and grow to their potential. Grow Maker is the only product that contains a full spectrum formula to feed your plants and enhance your soil at the same time - with each application. 50+ perfectly proportioned ingredients work in combination to give your plants all the organic food they need to eat and enhance the soil to give them the best place to grow.

Specially Formulated for Pots & Raised Beds

Plants in pots & raised beds have different requirements than those planted in the ground. With that in mind, we specifically designed Grow Maker to work in a container environment and allow your plants to thrive.

50+ Perfectly Proportioned Ingredients

The term "All-In-One" is really an understatement. We've tested hundreds of ingredients in our lab at different concentrations and proportions to come up with this full spectrum blend. It's safe to say your plants will NOT go hungry!

Organic & Natural

Made with only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients, Grow Maker has been approved for organic gardening by OMRI as well as the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).



Potted Plants & Raised Beds

  1. Apply a 1/4" layer of Grow Maker on top of entire soil surface. As with any fertilizer, brush away from stems of plants.
  2. Water-in thoroughly 3 extra times in the first week to fully dissolve and activate, then resume regular watering schedule.

How Much To Use

Apply a 1/4" layer of Grow Maker (2.5 cups per sqft) on top of entire soil surface. Use the charts below to determine how much Grow Maker you'll need to feed your size pot or raised bed.


1 Gal (7" Diameter) 3/4 Cup 65 Gal (32" Diameter) 14 Cups
5 Gal (12" Diameter) 2 Cups 100 Gal (38" Diameter) 1/4 - (25lb.) Bag
10 Gal (16" Diameter) 3 1/2 Cups 200 Gal (50" Diameter) 1/2 - (25lb.) Bag
15 Gal (18" Diameter) 4 1/2 Cups 300 Gal (60" Diameter) 3/4 - (25lb.) Bags
20 Gal (20" Diameter) 5 1/2 Cups 500 Gal (78" Diameter) 1 - (25lb.) Bags
30 Gal (24" Diameter) 8 Cups 700 Gal (93" Diameter) 1 1/2 - (25lb.) Bags

Raised Beds

Size Grow Maker Size Grow Maker
2' x 2' (4 sqft) 1/2 - (6lb.) Pouch 6' x 4' (24 sqft) 3/4 - (37lb.) Bag
4' x 2' (4 sqft) 1 - (6lb.) Pouch 8' x 4' (32 sqft) 1 - (37lb.) Bag


For best results, apply Grow Maker every 6-8 weeks.

Where To Use:

Grow Maker is ideal to use in both indoor and outdoor gardens.


Well, the short answer is: A Whole Lot!

Grow Maker contains a full spectrum formula with 50+ perfectly proportioned ingredients that ensures a kickstart to new plants for vigorous roots, stems and leaves. It has taken our soil scientists a looong time to figure out the perfect combination of organic & natural ingredients. Take a look below and Feel GOOD about what's inside!


Our passion is turning the places you love into the places plants love to grow. With that passion in mind, we set out to create a product that no matter what type of plant you're growing, you'll be able to grow a vigorous and productive crop. You see, we think of the soil like a big puzzle - there are lots of different pieces needed to create a healthy place for plants to grow. Things like pH, trace elements, beneficial microbes and on and on and on... Grow Maker puts all these pieces together to create a place where plants love to grow.


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