NutriPak 3-Year Fertilizer Pack

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Say Hello to convenience! Give your plants a source of constant nutrition with NutriPak. This groundbreaking new technology feeds your plants for three years!

NutriPak comes in 4 different formulations:

1. Roses & Flowering Plants     2. Tree, Shrub & Evergreen     3. Fruit, Nut & Flowering Trees/Shrubs     4. Palm

Sizes Available
  • 3 Year Pack

Forgetful Feeder?
We've Got You Covered.

Love fertilizing 6 times every year?  – We don’t either. In fact, we usually forget to feed more than once.

NutriPak is a smart fertilizer packet that remembers to feed every day so you don’t have to – a fertilizer that lasts a full 3 years!

Give your plants that added boost they crave. NutriPak has a revolutionary method of continuously delivering plant food to the root zone -right where your plants need it most. Using a microperforated and biodegradable packet, NutriPak slowly releases plant food for three years! The smart controlled-release technology helps ensure all the nutrients are absorbed by plant roots instead of running off into the environment. NutriPak is like a vitamin supplement that is always available to the plant. Trees and shrubs get the boost of growth they need for three full years.

  • Controlled Release Fertilizer
  • Feeds At The Root Zone
  • Lasts 3 Years
  • Earth Safe


Lasts ALL Year

It's a fact: you've got a lot on your plate and you're busy. Here's the good news: You're not alone. According to studies, people fertilize their yard an average of 1.2X per year - and plants are starving the rest of the time!

NutriPak has a revolutionary method of continuously delivering plant food to the root zone - right where your plants need it most. Using a microperforated and biodegradable packet, NutriPak slowly releases plant food for three years! Other products are compressed, don't dissolve well don't last nearly as long.

Like a vitamin pack for your plants, NutriPak will keep trees and shrubs from starving for 3 years!

Earth Safe

With conventional fertilizers, up to 80% of the fertilizer can be lost to runoff or leaching into the environment. NutriPak's innovative design allows virtually all of the fertilizer to be used by the plant.


New Plantings

  1. Do NOT open packet.
  2. While planting, place NutriPaks evenly around rootball at the bottom of the hole.
  3. Finish planting like normal.

Established Plantings

  1. With a shovel, pry open the soil.
  2. DO NOT open packet.
  3. Place NutriPak at the bottom of the hole in an upright position.
  4. Tap the hole closed with the heel of your foot.

How Many To Use

1 Gallon 6"-9" 2 per Plant
5 Gallon 10"-14" 3 per Plant
15 Gallon 15"-17" 5 per Plant
24" Box 18"-28" 7 per Plant
36" Box 29"-42" 9 per Plant
48" Box 43"-54" 12 per Plant


  • Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens - For Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 16-8-8. This high nitrogen formulation will give your trees and shrubs good overall greening, growth and health, while also promoting good root development. We have also added 16% sulfur to this formulation for all of your acid-loving plants.
  • Roses & Flowering Plants - For Roses and Flowering Plants we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 15-20-15. This will give your flowering plants good overall growth and health, while supplying higher levels of phosphorus and Potassium, ideal for better blooming and rooting. While the 3-Year packets are ideal for outside landscaped flowering plants like Roses, Spireas, Potentillas etc.
  • Fruit, Nut & Flowering Trees/Shrubs - For Fruit, Nut & Flowering Trees/Shrubs we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 16-16-16. This will give your fruit, nut and flowering trees and shrubs good overall growth and health while supplying equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Research has shown, and fruit and nut growers will tell you that equal amounts of N-P-K are ideal for fruiting and nut baring trees and shrubs. Likewise, the higher levels of phosphorus and potassium are ideal for blooming and rooting. We have also included 16% sulfur in this formulation for the acid loving plants.
  • Palms - For Palm Trees we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 12-4-12 with full set of micro- nutrients. This formulation is ideal for all palm trees. It was developed in conjunction with palm nutrition experts in Florida, and is designed to give your palms good overall greening, growth and health. We have added micronutrients, such as 4% Magnesium, 4% Manganese, 2% Iron and .5% Zinc, to the N-P-K formulation to combat problems commonly known as Chlorosis, a yellowing of the palm frond, and Frizzle Top, where the fronds separate on the ends making them look like frizzy hair.


Moisture (in the form of a vapor) or condensation enters the packet through micro-pores located on both sides of the packet. This vapor (condensation) coupled with the warming soil causes the dry granular fertilizer to break down and become soluble. The pressure caused by heat and vapor then releases the now liquid fertilizer back through the same micro-pores and into the soil gradually. These nutrients are released to the feeder roots located directly below the drip line of the tree, shrub or rosebush.


Everyone is Talking about it.

DONT open the packet

This product comes in little packets - DONT open them! I made that mistake. didnt hurt anything but the nursery woman said it won't last for three years. Nutripaks are pretty cheap so not too much lost.

Dont Open Them

This is a great idea and they work wonderfully. However, follow the directions in big bold letters on the package DO NOT OPEN. I made the mistake of opening them the first time. Nothing bad happened - but they sure didnt last 3 years either.

IV drip for my plants

nutripaks feed my plants like an iv drip! Just a little bit all the time. I think the plants really like it this way too. its probably better for them to get small doses of fertilizer all the time than get a big ol whopping serving a food once every 3 months (or six months sometimes - ooops!)

Great Investment!

Best bang for the buck! I love using nutripaks because they last so long. You cant buy anything out there that lasts for 3 years. I know it doesn't supply 100% of the fertilizer but atleast they make up for when I forget to feed. Great product.

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