TurfMAX Soil Treatment For Lawns

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Take Control over your lawn and build healthy soil. Much more than just a lawn fertilizer, TurfMAX Soil Treatment for Lawns is formulated with over 50 different ingredients that transform your soil into a place grass loves to grow.

Use on new lawns for fast rooting and vigorous growth or established lawns to treat trouble spots where grass isn’t growing as well as it should.

Sizes Available
  • 37lb. Bag
  • 2,000lb. Tote
  • Bulk

Make Your Lawn Beautiful.

TurfMAX is the Answer

The smell of fresh cut grass, the feeling of it between your toes and the sounds of kids & pets playing at a summer BBQ. It delights the senses and floods the mind with memories of home. Your lawn is more than just a patch of grass. Its a badge of honor – a place for family. Whatever it means to you, its easy to see why green lawns are such important parts of our lives. But sometimes, for whatever reason, your lawn can look more like a piece of work than a work of art. And for those times – TurfMAX is the answer.

Problem Fixer

Transform weary, worn-out lawns with a much-needed upgrade. TurfMAX Soil Treatment For Lawns restores the natural balance to your soil with macro and micro nutrients, pH correctors, beneficial microbes and green grass stimulators – for lawns that look lush, green and healthy. This full spectrum formula is easy to use, gentle enough for kids and pets to play after use and provides the optimal balance for all grasses to thrive. Makes lawns easier to maintain and increases health and density of thick green grass. Helps to soften hard soil and increase strong, deep roots. Apply on top – see results fast.

  • Easy To Apply
  • Builds Strong Roots
  • Corrects pH
  • Increases Root Depth
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Feeds for 6 Months
  • Trace Elements
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Saves Water


Soil Treatment

It's a fact: Poor soil is the leading cause of unhealthy lawns. Not a soil. Not a fertilizer. TurfMAX is a new category of product - Soil Treatment. Whereas other products are a piece of the puzzle, maybe one provides food or another provides a trace element or two, TurfMAX contains over 50 ingredients to treat and correct a wide range of factors that make grass unhealthy. (see chart below) It is the only product that addresses ALL the needs of lawns AND the soil they grow in.

Say Goodbye To Soil Tests

TurfMAX contains all the pieces of the puzzle to bring your soil back in balance. So, whether your lawn is missing a trace element on one side of the yard and the pH is off on the other - TurfMAX will fix it and help your lawn thrive.

Specially Formulated for Lawns

The grass in your lawn has different requirements than the trees, shrubs, flowers and veggies in your garden. With that in mind, we specifically designed TurfMAX to work best for all types of grasses.

Apply On Top

With all this goodness in one bag, you might think you would have to till it into the soil. Well, we thought of that too and designed TurfMAX to be applied right on top of the soil. No mixing. No tilling. No extra work.Be sure to follow the directions on the bag for best results.

How It Stacks Up


Established Lawns

  1. Mow lawn before application.
  2. Apply a 1/4” layer of TurfMAX™ on top of entire lawn area. For best results, apply using a compost spreader like the one pictured or a top dresser available at most equipment rental yards.
  3. Broom or rake out any uneven areas.
  4. Water-in thoroughly 3 extra times in the first week to fully dissolve and activate soil treatment then resume regular watering schedule.

New Lawns


  1. Before laying sod, apply a 1/4” layer of TurfMAX™ on top of soil and scratch into the top 1" to 2". Lay sod normally. For best results, apply using a compost spreader like the one pictured or a top dresser available at most equipment rental yards.
  2. Water-in thoroughly 3 extra times in the first week to fully dissolve and activate soil treatment then resume regular watering schedule.

Note: TurfMAX™ can be applied to the top of new sod with the same great results.

Seed & Stolons
  1. After spreading seed/stolons, apply a 1/4” layer of TurfMAX™ over top of seed/stolons. For best results, apply using a compost spreader like the one pictured or a top dresser available at most equipment rental yards.
  2. Water-in thoroughly 3 extra times in the first week to fully dissolve and activate soil treatment then resume regular watering schedule.

CAUTION: TurfMAX™ contains fertilizer. Applying more than directed OR applying when other fertilizers are present may cause burn.

For Best Results, Follow These Best Practices:

  • Accurately measure your lawn's square footage and set aside the appropriate amount of TurfMAX for that area. Do not over apply.
  • Apply TurfMAX when temperatures are at or below 95°F
  • Wait at least 2 weeks after fertilizing to apply TurfMAX. DO NOT fertilize for at least 8 weeks following TurfMAX application.
  • After applying TurfMAX, wait 6-8 weeks for your lawn's roots to grow deep and strong before reducing watering.

When To Apply

    Apply TurfMAX any time of year when the ground is not frozen and temperatures do not exceed 95°F.


TurfMAX is formulated to be a long-term and sustainable solution for a beautiful lawn. Frequent reapplication is usually not necessary. For best results, 6-months after applying TurfMAX:
Option 1: Reapply TurfMAX every 6 months. Spot treat as needed.
Option 2: Apply Pro-Gro 365 Multi-Purpose Fertilizer to feed and maintain results for one full year.

Pro-Gro 365

  • One application lasts up to ALL YEAR
  • Feeds Lawns, Trees, Shrubs, Flowers & Veggies
  • Powered by BioLife Complex

    Well, the short answer is: A Whole Lot!

    TurfMAX contains over 50 different ingredients to create a place your lawn loves to grow. It has taken our soil scientists a looong time to figure out the perfect combination of cutting edge active ingredients - some of which we advertise, some we don’t.

    • 6-Month Controlled Release Fertilizer
    • Organic Fertilizers - ie. Fish Meal
    • Trace Elements
    • Extra Boost of Calcium
    • Extra Boost of Iron
    • pH Corrector
    • 10 varieties of Mycorrhizae
    • 10 varieties of Beneficial Bacteria
    • Microbe Food
    • Rich Organic Matter
    • Soil Penetrant (Softens hard soil)
    • Wetting Agent (Allows water to enter soil)


    Our passion is turning the places you love into the places plants love to grow. With that passion in mind, we set out to create a product that no matter what soil type you have - or even if your thumb isn’t so green - to allow you to grow a beautiful healthy lawn.

    You, the earth, your landscape -let’s not make it complicated. It’s all about working with nature, rejuvenating natural processes and supporting life in our soils. The science may be complex but the concept isn’t. It’s natural. It’s just the way things are supposed to work. That’s why we’ve put the time in behind a microscope and in the field developing products like TurfMAX that really make a difference to you, the environment and your landscape. When your lawn needs a little TLC, this is the place to start.

    Because the ‘circle of life’ in your lawn is complex, we’ve been able to combine ingredients in TurfMAX that address a wide range of issues that may be out of balance and causing problems in the landscape. Here is a little insight on how TurfMAX works:

    • Builds Strong Roots- In most cases, the roots of your lawn will expand 100X-1000X in the first 6-8 weeks after application! In addition, BioLife Complex in TurfMAX contains some amazing microbes called Mycorrhizae that attach to the roots of plants and extend out into the soil to grab water and nutrients and bring it back to the plant root. This type of teamwork between lawn roots and microbes promotes sustainable and healthy growth for the plants in your landscape.
    • Increases Drought Resistance-After TurfMAX expands your lawn’s root system (see above), your lawn has MUCH greater access to water way down deep in the soil and is more efficient at absorbing it. As a result, your lawn will be better prepared to thrive with less water. In fact, we frequently see clients saving as much as 40% water 6-8 weeks after using TurfMAX.
    • Increases Healthy Growth-Slow growing or unhealthy plants usually results from an imbalance in the soil. TurfMAX treats common problems in the soil and creates an environment where lawns love to grow. Whether poor growth is stemming from a pH imbalance, nutrient shortage or weak roots, TurfMAX corrects the soil to help your lawn thrive.
    • Corrects pH-pH is a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity on a scale from 0 (more acidic) to 14 (more basic). Most plants prefer a pH near the middle at a pH of 7 or neutral. When the pH balance is thrown off, the health of your lawn can severely decline and it will really struggle to stay healthy. TurfMAX corrects pH imbalances within the soil and no matter what the starting point, brings the pH back closer to neutral to keep your lawn growing right.
    • Solves Nutrient Shortage-There are 14 plant nutrients that are essential for plant growth. All plants must have an adequate supply of each of these 14 nutrients to be healthy and grow properly. If one or more of these nutrients are lacking in the soil, plants will get sick and start to decline, even though an adequate amount of other elements are available. TurfMAX includes complete fertilizers and restores trace elements back into the soil. This ensures your lawn a healthy supply of nutrients so plants can grow strong and healthy. BioLife Complex in TurfMAX contains some amazing microbes that digest plant nutrients and turn them into a form plants can absorb and use. Just like the bacteria in your gut helps to digest the food you eat, plants need the same type of help from beneficial bacteria to digest their food in the soil. But, it doesn’t stop there, BioLife Complex also includes microbes that are able to pull plant food out of thin air. That’s right, these amazing microbes grab nitrogen right out of the air and can supply a plant with a whopping 30% of its nitrogen requirements.
    • Increases Insect & Disease Resistance- TurfMAX contains NO chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Instead, we believe it is much healthier for you and your landscape to fight these pests naturally. Powered with BioLife Complex, millions of microbes team up to help keep pest and disease populations in check.


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