What is GardenMAX? Here’s what you should know

GardenMAX is a powerful soil treatment that can make your garden soil healthier than it’s ever been before. But what is GardenMAX and why should you make GardenMAX your garden’s best friend?


To answer those questions, let’s take a quick look at a few of the greatest benefits this innovative soil treatment has to offer.

GardenMAX is an all-in-one product.

Gardening can often feel like a science project. You have a handful of products to treat a handful of problems, but sometimes those products can work against each other (further amplifying those pre-existing problems). So what’s a gardener to do?


It’s time to turn to an all-in-one product like GardenMAX. GardenMAX leverages over 50 different ingredients to treat and correct a wide variety of issues — including everything from pH imbalances to nutrient deficiencies.


What’s even better is that GardenMAX can fix these issues intelligently. For instance, if your pH is fine on one side of the garden but a little off on the other side, GardenMAX is able to fix one side without affecting the other side.


In other words, no science projects necessary.

GardenMAX is for gardens.

That’s right. GardenMAX is a product engineered specifically for gardens. Its sole purpose is to improve the soil in your garden and make it a place plants love to grow. And since your lawn has different needs than say, veggies or flowers, this is a perk that shouldn’t be overlooked.

GardenMAX is perfect for all skill levels.

While gardening can seem like a science project at times, it can also feel like a black hole. There’s so much information out there and so many different ways to do things, that even the most skilled gardener can struggle from time to time. However, GardenMAX does what it can to eliminate some of that struggle for you.


GardenMAX can be applied right on top of your garden soil — no need to guess on mixing and measuring. To top things off, GardenMAX is not a temporary fix. It’s a long-term solution that keeps on feeding your garden soil for six months and provides benefits that last even longer.


No matter what skill level you’re at and no matter how new you are to gardening, GardenMAX is a product that you (and your garden) are guaranteed to love.


GardenMAX is overflowing with healthy soil ingredients.

If you find yourself asking, “What is GardenMAX,” then know this:


It’s a soil treatment that creates places plants love to grow.


With over 50 different ingredients, GardenMAX is packed full of nutrients, trace elements, organic matter, pH correctors, wetting agents, and much more. In other words, GardenMAX doesn’t need the magic touch of a green thumb to work — it’s magical all on its own.

GardenMAX takes care of the heavy hitters.

And then some. GardenMAX goes above and beyond the call of duty to take your garden soil to that next level. Here are just a few of the great things you can expect from GardenMAX:

  • GardenMAX grows strong roots, helping your roots to expand nearly 1000X their original size in just 6-8 weeks
  • GardenMAX builds up your plants’ drought resistance, allowing you to save water in the process
  • GardenMAX promotes healthy growth by treating and correcting a variety of common gardening issues, like weak roots, nutrient shortages, and pH imbalances
  • GardenMAX improves disease resistance — and in a natural, herbicide-free manner


Long story short, GardenMAX is the simplest path to healthy garden soil. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to introduce your garden to healthy living.

If you’d like to find a store near you that sells GardenMAX, take a look at our store locator. Afterward, continue your deep dive into all things soil by visiting our blog. You can find more tips, tricks, and helpful insight into the world of gardening.

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