What is Remix and why is it perfect for plant containers and beds?

Plant containers and raised beds are perfect additions to any garden. But how do you make sure your new plants will continue to thrive in their new environment? It’s simple, really. You use Remix.

But what is Remix and how does Remix work? Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the benefits of Remix.

Remix works with new and old soil.

New soil isn’t typically equipped with all the nutrients plants need to grow, and old soil (typically referring to the soil found in raised beds) is often depleted of the nutrients it once had. Remix is able to step in, boost your soil (new or old), and give it the jumpstart it needs to become a place plants love to grow.

Remix is easy to use.

Like most of our products at Green As It Gets, Remix is easy to use. You simply blend it into the soil in your pot or raised bed and get going — no need to stick around testing and praying to the almighty plant gods. Remix is a pre-plant soil boost that’s intelligently crafted to quickly yield excellent results with little to no hassle on your end. (Pro Tip: Application rate is 1:10 — 1 part Remix to 10 parts soil)

Remix has all the necessities.

Most soil amendments aren’t a one-stop-shop solution. In fact, the average gardener requires a handful of different products to properly nourish their containers, beds, and gardens. But Remix is different — it’s a unique blend of over 50 organic ingredients that work together to effectively nourish plants and treat soil. Because of this, it’s able to accomplish a variety of tasks at once — for example, correcting pH imbalances and stimulating root growth.

Remix understand pots and raised beds.

Our green friends that have been planted in the ground have different needs than those planted in a container or raised bed. And Remix gets that. This pre-plant soil boost was designed specifically to help plants in a container-like environment grow big and strong.

Where to find Remix

Ready to get started with your next plant container or raised bed garden? If so, we’ll be happy to send you in the direction of the nearest Remix. You can find stores carrying Remix here.

But wait — before you pick up a bag of Remix, check out this helpful plant container how-to and learn how to properly design a unique-to-you plant container.

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