What is TurfMAX and how does it improve lawn soil?

If you’re like other homeowners, then you might be on the lookout for various ways to build healthy lawn soil and improve your grass in the process. And if this is the case, then you may have come across TurfMAX on your path to a better lawn. But what is TurfMAX and how does TurfMAX work?


Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the primary reasons homeowners everywhere are adding TurfMAX to their list of lawn necessities.

TurfMAX restores natural balance to your lawn soil.

TurfMAX leverages a variety of good-for-your-soil elements to help you create a place where grass loves to grow. But what does this include? Well, for starters …


TurfMAX includes:

  • Micro and macro nutrients
  • pH correctors
  • Beneficial microbes
  • Green grass stimulators
  • Organic fertilizers like fish meal
  • Soil penetrants to loosen hard soil
  • And much, much more …


TurfMAX removes the need for soil testing.

Soil testing can be a serious drag. It’s full of so many question marks and grey areas that you can never be too sure if the pH level your test provides you with is actually accurate. This is because one part of your lawn or garden might test differently than another area of your lawn or garden (and this can even be within feet of each other).


Because of this, you need to test as many areas as you can to make sure you get the most accurate reading possible. And then afterward, you’ll have to apply a handful of different tactics to make sure all the areas reach a healthy pH level.


However, instead of soil testing (and then soil testing again), you can just use TurfMAX. This soil treatment works to intelligently correct your pH level. So even if one side is a little alkaline and the other side is a little acidic, both can be corrected with one application of TurfMAX.


TurfMAX isn’t like other lawncare products.

To fully answer the question — What is TurfMAX? — you need to understand that TurfMAX isn’t a fertilizer, and it also isn’t a soil. It’s a soil treatment designed to build healthy lawn soil.


Rather than just trying to fix one piece of the puzzle, TurfMAX digs deep to transform your soil from top to bottom AND provide your grass with all the nourishment it needs.


Take a look at the following diagram to see how TurfMAX stacks up against other lawncare products:

TurfMAX is easy to apply and even easier to manage.

Some lawncare products require a lot of work — multiple applications, tilling, mixing, testing, etc. But not TurfMAX.


TurfMAX is easy to apply and leverages over 50 different ingredients to feed your soil for up to six months. It applies right on top (no tilling or mixing necessary), and it intelligently distributes its ingredients to treat and improve your soil.


After six months, you should only need to spot treat problem areas with TurfMAX.

How to keep promoting healthy lawn soil

TurfMAX is a great way to kickstart your journey to healthy lawn soil. In fact, it’s more like an all-access pass. But you shouldn’t stop there. Continue to educate yourself about healthy soil and how to create a place where plants to love grow.


And remember, Green As It Gets offers a variety of intelligent soil products that help grow bigger fruits and veggies, more colorful flowers, and more vibrant plants and trees. You can take a look at Green As It Gets products here.

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