What should you put in a plant container?

So you saw a cute plant container on Pinterest or in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but you’re not much of a gardener — or at least, you haven’t dabbled with plant containers before. And now you find yourself asking the question, “What should you put in a plant container?


Luckily, it’s not complicated. In fact, to plant in containers, you only need a few items to get started. Let’s talk about those items now.

Drainage Cover

Even if you’re watering your plants perfectly, without drainage, they’ll drown. To avoid this, use a plant container with holes. This way, the water has somewhere else to go. However, to make sure you’re not losing valuable soil and other material from this hole, place a drainage cover over it. Some plant nurseries and garden centers carry products specifically made for this, but you can also use landscaping fabric or gravel to cover up the hole, as well. Just make sure the hole isn’t sealed shut — that would defeat the purpose.



Obviously, you need soil inside your plant container. Otherwise, it’d just be a few barren plants, which would quickly shrivel up and pass on to plant heaven. But what soil should you put in a plant container? Whatever you normally use (plant containers aren’t that special). However, if you’re new to gardening and don’t have a go-to soil, then check out your local garden center and see what the pros recommend. They’ll have excellent suggestions that will help you minimize hassle and maximize plant health.


Pre-plant Soil Boost

Freshly planted plants need a little pick-me-up, and a pre-plant soil boost like Remix is the best way to provide that pick-me-up. After you’ve added soil to your container (and before planting), blend in a bit of Remix. This addition to your container will go a long way, feeding your green friends with root stimulants, beneficial microbes, and pH correctors. It’s a simple way to give your plants a kickstart by providing them with the much-needed nourishment they require to grow.


You can’t exactly have a plant container without plants — then it would just be a container. But is there anything you should know about what plants you should or should not put in a container? Yes, there is. Check out our article on how to plant in containers where we talk about plant placement and the infamous phrase “thriller, filler, spiller.”

Final Thoughts

Plant containers are a great way to liven up any porch or to put a unique touch on your front- or backyard. But don’t stop there! With a little more education, awareness, and experience, you can turn your spot into a green place you’ll never want to leave. To keep going, here are a few more resources to check out:

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