What should you use to loosen hard soil?

First and foremost, why is hard soil bad for plants?

So you have hard, compacted soil — which means you might be asking yourself, “Is hard soil bad for plants?” If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? But unfortunately, hard soil is bad for your plants because hard soil makes it much more difficult for your plants to actually grow. In other words, it is broke, and it does need to be fixed.


Think about it this way … hard soil is a lot like a congested city. There might be roadblocks, heavy traffic, pollution, and a million other things that stand between you and your final destination. Your car might get dinged up along the way; you’ll lose more gas than you should, and you’ll most likely become a little “emotional” in the process. And if there are enough obstacles in your path, you may never even arrive at your destination.


This same concept applies to your plants. If the soil is too hard (or congested), there are simply too many roadblocks that prevent your roots from soaking up all the nutrients your soil can offer.

Okay, okay … so what can you use to break up hard soil?

There are a variety of techniques you can use to break up hard soil. In fact, we go over a few of those techniques in this article. However, the simplest and most effective way to loosen compacted soil is to use Ground Breaker.


Ground Breaker from Green As It Gets is a heavy duty soil penetrant that works by opening up the pores of the soil. It treats both types of compaction — physical and chemical — and contains no alcohol. With a blend of organic material and other proprietary ingredients, Ground Breaker works fast (you can even see results overnight).


All in all, Ground Breaker is easy to use (all you have to do is spray it on top), safe for your plants, and extra reliable. If you’d like to learn more about Ground Breaker, please visit our website and dig a little deeper.

Additional Resources

Here at Green As It Gets, we love sharing our knowledge and helping others create a place plants love to grow. However, Ground Breaker is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to keep learning, check out some of these helpful resources.

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