Why do you need fertilizer and what should you use?


What is it? How does it work? WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED IT? These are questions the average homeowner might find themselves asking sooner rather than later. And we completely understand.

Fertilizer might seem like a complex science experiment with your lawn, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, here at Green As It Gets, we’ve developed a simple product that provides you with an alternative to traditional fertilizers. But before we get to that, let’s first answer the question, “Why do you need fertilizer?”

Fertilizer helps your lawn thrive

Why do you need fertilizer? Long story short, your plants need more nutrients to grow, and fertilizer gives it those nutrients.

Over a period of time, your soil might “run out” of nutrients (in a manner of speaking). Because of this, you need to give it some help. This is where fertilizer comes into play.

Fertilizer will jump in and save the day. It will reinvigorate your soil with the nutrients it needs to keep your lawn healthy — nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If you want to learn more about what types of nutrients your soil needs, take a look at 8 plant micronutrients that are necessary for survival or 14 plant nutrients that will help your plants grow big and strong.

Why Pro-Gro 365 is the best lawn fertilizer

Will your fertilizer last more than two to three months? Maybe. Will your fertilizer provide your lawn with all the nutrients it needs? Possibly.

But wouldn’t you rather have a fertilizer that doesn’t need to be reapplied mutliple times a year? And wouldn’t you much rather have a fertilizer that gives your soil all the nutrients it needs to thrive? Not just some of it? Of course.

With Pro-Gro 365 from Green As It Gets that’s exactly what your lawn will receive — a fertilizer that keeps on giving for the entire year.

Pro-Gro 365 is a 12-month multi-purpose fertilizer that recharges your soil with trace elements, beneficial microbes, and controlled-release nutrients. It eliminates the need for multiple feedings a year and replaces it with intelligent, slow-release ingredients that work fast to promote healthy, long-lasting growth.

Final thoughts

Most people forget to fertilize their lawn as often as it needs to be fertilized. In fact, research shows that the average homeowner only fertilizes their lawn 1.2 times a year. However, with Pro-Gro 365, that 1.2 times a year is more than enough.

Fertilizing your lawn is absolutely necessary if you want healthy, lush grass, and one application of Pro-Gro 365 each year is all you need to get it.

Pro Tip: Pro-Gro 365 isn’t just perfect for your lawn. It works for trees, shrubs, flowers, and veggies, too!!

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