Pro-Gro 365 12-Month Multi-Purpose Fertilizer

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Your landscape is hungry! Pro-Gro 365 supports healthy and sustainable growth by recharging the soil with trace elements, beneficial microbes (Our Heroes!), and controlled-release nutrients that feed your landscape for one full year.

Sizes Available
  • 11lb. Bag
  • 50lb. Bag

Forgetful Feeder?
We Got You Covered.

Love fertilizing 6 times every year?  – We don’t either. In fact, we usually forget to feed more than once.

That’s why we developed a fertilizer that remembers to feed all year long so you don’t have to – a fertilizer that lasts a full 12 Months!

No burning. No additional applications needed. The advanced slow-release fertilizer along with concentrated active ingredients work fast by recharging the soil for one year’s worth of lush healthy growth. Pro-Gro 365 not only feeds for a long time, but also feeds at the right time. This Multi-Purpose fertilizer is specially designed to continuously release the right amount of nutrients so your landscape stays well fed year round. More food when your plants have a big appetite in Spring through Summer and less food when plants aren’t as hungry in Fall & Winter. This means plants are using the fertilizer instead of it leaching down or running off into groundwater, lakes and streams making this one of the most environmentally safe fertilizers on the market.

Bottom line: One application of Pro-Gro 365 recharges your landscape with the nutrition it needs to be healthy and thrive for an entire year.

  • One Application Lasts All Year
  • Contains Organic Ingredients
  • Feeds Lawns
  • Feeds Trees
  • Feeds Shrubs
  • Feeds Flowers
  • Feeds Vegetables


Lasts ALL Year

It's a fact: you've got a lot on your plate and you're busy. Here's the good news: You're not alone. According to studies, people fertilize their yard an average of 1.2X per year - and plants are starving the rest of the time!

Pro-Gro 365 is formulated with an advanced controlled release fertilizer that lasts all year. Yep, that's right! 365 days! Your lawn and garden get a full year's worth of food with just one application. Easier. Smarter. More effective.


Use this ultra long-lasting fertilizer for everything in your yard. Lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and veggies will all be well fed the entire year with Pro-Gro 365.


Application Rates


  • Cool Season Lawn (Tall Fescue, Rye Grass, Bluegrass etc) - Apply 7lbs. (approx. 15 cups) per 1,000 sqft. (approx. 33'x33')
  • Warm Season Lawn (Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia etc) - Apply 10lbs. (approx. 21 cups) per 1,000 sqft. (approx. 33'x33')

Trees, Shrubs, Fruit & Vegetables

  • Trees (Shade/Flowering/Fruit) - Apply 1lb. (approx. 2 cups) per 100 sqft. (10'x10') inside of the dripline (entire area from trunk to edge of branches)
  • Shrubs, Flowers, Ground Cover & Vegetables - Apply 2lbs. (approx. 4 cups) per 100 sqft. (10'x10') of planting bed.
Directions For Use:
  1. For best results, mow lawn 1-3 days prior to application.
  2. Apply any time of year to a dry lawn using a whirlybird or broadcast type spreader.
  3. Water-in immediately and thoroughly after application.
  4. Apply every 12 months.

Spreader Settings

Listed settings will approximately apply recommended rate for warm season turf in a "single pass" spreader pattern. Accurately measure your lawn or garden bed's square footage and set aside the appropriate amount of Pro-Gro 365 for that area. For best results, apply in a "double pass" pattern at half rate until the fertilizer is all gone.
Scotts Handy Green Hand Spreader 4
Spyker / BEST Models 34, 44, 64 7.5
Earthway 10
Lesco 16
Scotts SpeedyGreen 2000, 3000 6
Scotts AccuGreen 3000 6.5
Scotts Drop (#PF1, PF2, PF3, PF4) 8


For best results, apply Pro-Gro 365 every 12 months.

Where To Use:

Pro-Gro 365 is ideal to use on all grass, trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables.


Well, the short answer is: A Whole Lot!

Pot Topper Root & Grow contains a full spectrum formula with 50+ perfectly proportioned ingredients that ensures a kickstart to new plants for vigorous roots, stems and leaves. It has taken our soil scientists a looong time to figure out the perfect combination of organic & natural ingredients. Take a look below and Feel GOOD about what's inside! INGREDIENT LIST GOES HERE


Our passion is turning the places you love into the places plants love to grow. With that passion in mind, we set out to create a product that no matter what type of plant you're growing, you'll be able to grow a vigorous and productive crop. You see, we think of the soil like a big puzzle - there are lots of different pieces needed to create a healthy place for plants to grow. Things like pH, trace elements, beneficial microbes and on and on and on... Pot Topper Root & Grow puts all these pieces together to create a place where plants love to grow.


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